Ward on Wiki

These sites address specific aspects of wiki often written for different audiences. We start with the most general or introductory and progress to the more detailed, speculative, or historical.

Ward on Wiki REFERENCES ward.asia.wiki.org/ward-on-wiki

# Start

We remain excited about this platform and have become increasingly confident that it embodies important new ideas. We will explain.

We show you what we find interesting in the federation and suggest how you can make yourself at home here.

We throw around a lot of terms when we talk about federated wiki that come from a variety of sources. Here we look at the sources and mention the most common names they provide.

Here we maintain a Roster of federation directories. Directories will have a well groomed sitemap optimized for finding sites by keyword search.

# Use

Many simple things that could be a button in a centralized system turn into a series of steps in federated wiki. We'll catalog them as we notice them.

This wiki deviates from most others in that each participant in a collaboration is expected to own their own working space. We will compare this metaphorical ownership with other things we own as a way of illuminating the unusual opportunities and common confusions herein.

We collect here information about a social structure for coordinating activity across multiple wiki sites.

Here we collect advice for operating wiki sites for others. Computers and networks vary so we stop short of step by step instructions. We report what has worked for us using the privileges available to system administrators.

We explain federated wiki plugins. We define their role interpreting content, recount our experience writing many, describe principles and strategies for future plugins, and offer a step-by-step guide for new plugin authors.

# Examples

We duplicate an illustration from Timeless Way of Building using Graph plugins and our graph building workflow.

Here we list some well known cities, create pages for them with a template, and then rate them on many dimensions clicking stars. Results are automatically aggregated as a single file. json csv

# Code

We have concentrated on a small number of idealistic principles, beliefs even, while ignoring considerable established practice. Only by such intense focus can we expect to find fresh solutions to persistent problems.

We describe what we expect of a federated wiki site drawing on some early documentation and reading of the source code.

Federated wiki is designed to be a growing, moving, sprawling thing that can outlive any advice that I might give here. But start somewhere we must.

We've kicked around ideas that still linger waiting for insight or energy to drive them to completion. Here they are within the lists that first tracked them or in shiny new homes where work is more easily prioritized.

# Influence

This pattern language describes a form of software development appropriate for an entrepreneurial organization.

Extreme programming, or simply xp, collects complementary practices for developing useful software with a minimum of ceremony.

Random pulses cascade among tiny computers each programmed to interface one more device into their signaling pathways. site

The Txtzyme plugin extends the available markup in federated wiki to include generalized instrument control of devices attached to wiki servers.

We explore painting things that move with dots that follow. We use placement and motion in the plane to represent abstract concepts rather than precise motion in the domain.

Investigative visualization of alien data formats where structure was intended but poorly executed and schema lost. A good example would be sense-making of some random xml or yaml file.

# History

These pages are some of the first I wrote in the early years of the federation. I've now migrated them to current server technology and will house clean accordingly.

These pages chronicle the founding Smallest Federated Wiki project and report its early achievements with a series of short screencasts.

A list of programs I've written and now recall. There are lots, organized first by where I was.

A continuously evolving environment means that many interesting tools are created and then forgotten. Here I list my favorites, often my own.

# Talks

We recreate the calculation refactoring example from the open source conference and invite viewers to try it themselves.

We collect here principles and beliefs that have informed the prolonged design of federated wiki. This material contains the basis of and supplement to a talk presented in the Wavefront track at the once OOPSLA now Splash ACM conference in Portland. page slides video

Just as the first wiki changed how people write, our new wiki will change how people work. By pushing steadily on two fundamental ideas we have once again uncovered a simpler and more powerful internet.

A Media for a Chorus of Voices. A presentation to CHIFOO on March 2, 2016. About reinventing Wiki and how it helped distribute the internet’s idealistic founding with technological innovation since its inception. chifoo

# Journaling

We write here about what we've been reading and the ideas that spawn from that. Dot line marks end quote.

I write here most days often based on what I read from twitter and listen to in bbc podcasts.

Index of articles written and edited for the Teaching Machine Happening, March 2015. Includes both ones where I was the initial author and ones to which I've contributed.