Ward, Tudor and Me

We started a conversation about gt, federated wiki, and – 'god and the world'.

Tom Ray's success at evolving computer programs inspired the creation of Biota, a language and interpreter with a two-dimensional memory model and adjacency as its only addressing mode.

Biota is a simulation of an imaginary computer with some unusual properties.

The Flagellum was our best Biota program ever. Here we have slimmed down Ian Osgood's javascript implementation to show this one program running.

I can remember developing the Flagellum program in a few steps. I had played with some loops that grew the digit mass without limit. This felt like playing with Game of Life: interesting but not purposeful.

In the meantime, Veit Heller has released a simple clone of Processing for GT.

a simple clone of Processing for GT. github

Of the examples, I was particularly intrigued by WhisperingDrink. On this basis, I could imagine making a second attempt with Biota. github

Tudor Girba provided a parser that should parse the old biota.st file format.

Sharing my Dojo Exercise of this (2022-06-25) morning: https://wiki.ralfbarkow.ch/view/iftoken/view/if-statements/view/smacctoken/view/shell-games/view/conditions-are-power-law-distributed Regarding the question of **[how to teach it](https://discord.com/channels/@me/928880292167548948/989191215138369627)**: Would a reconstruction of the example in the article by Kent Beck cited by Eric Dobbs help demonstrate/teach the different approach in gt?