Wiki Map

Using this map-template you can view an evolving map of the structure of this site. This structure is drawn from Context and Topics sections of the structure of the page.

DOT strict digraph rankdir=LR node [style=filled fillcolor=red penwidth=3 color=black] HERE NODE node [style=filled fillcolor=yellow] WHERE /^# Context/ LINKS NODE -> HERE node [style=filled fillcolor=lightblue] WHERE /^# Topics/ LINKS HERE -> NODE HERE NODE node [style=filled fillcolor=green] WHERE /^# Context/ LINKS NODE -> HERE HERE NODE node [style=filled fillcolor=green]

This map aims to draw a Markov blanket as a context for this page. It sort of works, though the reciprocal parent child relationships need to be added manually.

# Find Graphviz Plugin Items

Use this about grep plugin to find pages with graphviz plugins.

ITEM graphviz

# See also - Glitch Template