Federated wiki runs in the cloud or on one's own localhost. In the cloud wiki's assets are as privileged as any other server. mdn

First Published Program on a wiki page.

Small published programs become more valuable when they complement other wiki pages as examples or even workflow automation.

digraph { rankdir=BT node [shape=box style=filled fillcolor=gold] File Wiki Assets WebPage node [fillcolor=palegreen] Assets -> Modules [label=serve] Assets -> WebApp [label=fetch] Assets -> WebPage [label=fetch] CDN -> WebPage [label=script] Directory -> Server [label=localhost] File -> WebPage [label=open] File -> Wiki [label=upload] Modules -> WebApp [label=import] Server -> Assets [label=serve] Server -> Modules [label=serve] WebPage-> WebApp [label=becomes] Wiki -> Assets [label=hosts] }

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