The mode of aggression of the world relationship, however, becomes a problem when and where it becomes the basic mode of any expression of Life, because it fails to recognise that subject and world are not simply already there as independent entities, but that they only emerge from their mutual relatedness and connectedness.

Subjects are always in the world or "to the world"; they always find themselves already embedded in, enveloped by and related to a world as a whole. "I recognise my kinship with [all beings, H.R.], I am nothing but a capacity to echo them, to understand them, to respond," Merleau–Ponty formulated. Responsiveness or the ability to resonate thus becomes, as it were, the "essence" not only of human existence, but of all possible world relations; it irrevocably precedes the ability to bring the world to a distance and make it available.

And this ability – or even more: this dependence on resonance – is constitutive not only for the human psyche and sociality, but also for the pure corporeality of the human being, i.e. for the way in which he or she enters into tactile and material exchange with the world, feeling and then thinking. The basic mode of living human existence is not to have things at one's disposal, but to enter into resonance with them, to bring them to a response through one's own capacity – self-efficacy – and to respond to this response in turn; this is precisely what Hartmut Rosa has tried to work out in his book *Resonanz* with all available philosophical and scientific means.


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> A special international tribunal would be able to prosecute senior officials for the crime of aggression during the Russian invasion of Ukraine and bring justice for victims, says international law professor Andrew Clapham.

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