Croquet Tutorial

This year (2021) the AR/VR Capstone class received a unique tutorial on getting started with the collaboration platform Croquet from founders and members of the Croquet team.

YOUTUBE Nu2Siz_rjTg Published May 7, 2021.

Presenters from Croquet include: David Smith, Vanessa Freudenberg, Brian Upton, Zack Qattan, and Yoshiki Ohshima.

In a separate presentation David Smith traces back his work to McLuhan, Englebart, and ultimately Kay and Croquet version 1. Always the goal was a creative conversation across space and time.

YOUTUBE 9xWDTwdqfno Published May 7, 2021.


I was amazed by the fountain demo and appreciated that the presentation made it clear how this worked at the infrastructure level. Many layers of additional client-side support has been built since then. croquet

They have too much fascination with visual portals between spaces. This shows the multi-client nature of their stack. But navigating through portals is not how to manage multiple contexts. See Wiki Nature for VR

Interview. An architectural & philosophical deep dive into real-time collaboration. podcast

They are definitely thinking big when they suggest 10 msec delays through 5G networks. All participants in an interaction need to signal through the same reflector but they have, or are working on having, mechanisms where this binding follows the most active source who benefits most from short delays. Who will pay for this? Broadcasters: pricing terms

Designing croquet's TeaTime: a real-time, temporal environment for active object cooperation. oopsla


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