Hero's Journey

Hero's Journey

The hero’s journey is a monomyth that was first popularized by Joseph Campbell to describe the transformational journey that has been found in multiple epic stories through the ages – where a hero faces challenges, gains insight, and returns transformed.

This monomyth holds an authentic truth in the journey of personal or organizational transformation.

When you are embarking on a path of transformation, one must become Comfortable being Uncomfortable. This journey is challenging in ways that we could not imagine. To embark, one must have the courage to walk into the unknown. That courage comes from a deep sense of purpose – that which we call the Audacious Aspiration.

There are times, though, of deep despair, which Campbell characterized as the 'abyss'. These are times when the challenges that need to be overcome seem insurmountable.

An important time to sit quietly with the problem. And to wait.

But in these moments, there is a Transmutational Experience that illuminates the true nature of the problem and its solution. This insight becomes the 'ultimate boon' that shapes transformation.

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