Journal, Jun 2023

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Elm and JSON, refactor: tests commit

CroquetMeta Shell: iFrame Compositing

Type FutureType Createjson-to-elm post ⇒ vite-elm-dojo commit : refactor(Main): message ParseJson

Elm Weekly - Issue #268 post

Decode JSON in Elm: Over the last few days, I've been working on serializing and deserializing our wiki pages in terms of JSON data. In other words, how a page stored in a server directory is decoded by a wiki client and re-encoded (serialized) as JSON after changes. post Automation as Team Player

Decode JSON in Elm: In the Msg type of Main.elm I want to add a new variant to represent a message to be created by the eventDecoder function in case of an Unknown event and received by Main's update function.

The Elm Architecture ⇒ test(Main): GREEN "clickButton 'Parse JSON'" commit

The errors reported by elm-review are related to unused type constructors and unused values in your code. Here are the suggested fixes for each error: (ChatGPT May 24 Version)