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How do authors who call themselves communists analyze the current situation? For example: "plot point" which wants to distinguish itself from "reactionary organs of the left-wing public sphere such as "Junge Welt," "Neues Deutschland," and the 'konkret' magazine."

Decolonization of Europe including Russia

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Tödliche Konflikte ⇒ War.

Sternstunde Philosophy from 2022-13-03

"Artificial intelligence might have prevented the invasion"

A desire to rehumanize people who have

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This is the difference between the Turkish state and the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is still conceivable to conclude treaties with someone who has already been chosen as the total enemy (as can be seen, for example, from the AKP's continuous friendly relationship with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood), i.e. with Israel, as the Erdogan regime has recently done; Conversely, these treaties can also be useful for the country that is already, at least unofficially, at the center of Turkey's enemy projection, just as a person threatened by the Turkish regime

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ENDERWITZ, Ulrich, 1991. Antisemitismus und Volksstaat: zur Pathologie kapitalistischer Krisenbewältigung. . Freiburg [i. Br.]: Ça ira. ISBN 978-3-924627-28-7.

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