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We present a technique that models services, providers, and dependencies as a property graph.

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We imagine a cooperative game where players build networks from property graphs where various node types employ a fanciful version of chemistry to realize lifelike processes that delight their makers. science

MERTEN, Roland, 2000. Soziale Arbeit als autonomes Funktionssystem der modernen Gesellschaft? Argumente für eine konstruktive Perspektive. In: MERTEN, Ronald (ed.), Systemtheorie Sozialer Arbeit: Neue Ansätze und veränderte Perspektiven. Online. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften. p. 177–204. Lehrtexte Erziehung. [Accessed 6 January 2021]. ISBN 978-3-322-80858-5.

The characterization of a scientific enterprise as Systems Theory and the characterization of its objects as systems should not and cannot mean that everything that is remarkable about reality scientifically (here: sociologically) can be derived from the concept of a System.

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How To Finally Make Something , an article shared by Ralf. In it, Scott writes:

HINSEN, Konrad, 2018. Verifiability in computer-aided research: the role of digital scientific notations at the human-computer interface. PeerJ Computer Science. 23 July 2018. Vol. 4, p. e158. DOI 10.7717/peerj-cs.158.

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Cars are a burden on the environment. Many mayors of large cities would like to ban it from the urban landscape. Philosopher and mechanic Matthew Crawford develops an original discourse: for him, giving up the automobile means exposing oneself to the loss of individual agency and democratic value.

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Rule number one of complex systems: systems are built by mindsets – patterns of thoughts. In Donella Meadows's book, Thinking in Systems she starts with this quote from Robert Pirsig:

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According to the document, which was also sent to the Federal House, Ukraine uses the German Gepard tanks on the Black Sea coast to protect grain exports. Thus, the tanks served to avert famine in Africa or Asia. "The consequences of a failure of Ukrainian supplies would be fatal for food security, especially in the Third World," Minister Lambrecht said in her letter, which is available to this newspaper. (Basler Zeitung)

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