Journal, Sep 2022

Creating a wiki page named Pages crashes the server.

"Verify that your a a human" [sic!]

gaining your own experience

# How to Talk with Those Boxes?


It is the monied middle that is destroying the planet and humanity.

In this video we present TextLint, an automatic style checker following the architecture of SmallLint

Premium Lounge. pdf

hsc and portals

Since Structure Sharing is not available in textual dialects such as wiki pages, we move to a form of Network Dialect called Hypertext Super Collaborator (HSC) and maybe Portals.

Jaguar: Live reloading for your ESP32. github

Marc Pierson proposes a Learn Fedwiki space. Here's his assemblage of stakeholders, potential participants.

This work predated my year long investment in Txtzyme, a simple interpreter that hung off of a usb cable for power and a stream of new programs to run. Same idea again.

It is now well-established that symptoms can occur beyond acute COVID-19. doi

I regularly stumble over Marc's extended Tetrahedron (cf. Regular Tetrahedron).

While searching for information about the DMX REST API I came across DMX™️.

Ward proposes an interface for "crossing the beams" between multiple independent super collaborators. One selects graphs from any or all beams. This is merged in a single target which can be posted back into any of the beams by clicking post. matrix

ARNOLDI, Jakob and HOFMANN, Niklas, 2009. Alles Geld verdampft: Finanzkrise in der Weltrisikogesellschaft. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp. Edition Suhrkamp, 2590. ISBN 978-3-518-12590-8.

Modular Type Package is a standardized functional, manufacturer-neutral description of the automation of an apparatus or machine. The standard is defined by the automation technology interest group of the process industry.

The task of modern learning guides or systems we see today is no longer to prescribe knowledge and module sequences, but:

Bullet Journal. page

# Graphviz Layouts

Schedule Cronjob for the First Monday of Every Month. tweet , post , hn

Three Ways to Experience the Festival: site

drop the .json file (serialization) of a fedwiki page into the beam and see its journal unfold (deserialize)

petedaguru via matrix

A Tetrahedron can also be found in a book by Luhmann.