Konrad Hinsen

brought us here, i.e. to the Federated Wiki. discord > Federated Wiki celebrates its tenth anniversary: https://twitter.com/WardCunningham/status/1408184739035455488 It's a project I have been following for a while from a distance. For a good description of why it matters, see https://hapgood.us/2014/11/06/federated-education-new-directions-in-digital-collaboration/


Konrad Hinsen is a computational biophysicist at CNRS with a long-standing interest in reproducible research (e.g. ActivePapers). He was a founding member of the Numerical Python team and is an author or co-author of several Open Source scientific software packages. He is a member of the editorial boards of Computing in Science & Engineering magazine and of ReScience. He recently published a book on “Computation in Science”.

In the long run, your Data matters more than your Code.