This session has Konrad Hinsen giving a tour of *Leibniz* github , a Digital Scientific Notation built on top of Glamorous Toolkit.

Leibniz interface is a combination of a model, a set of annotations that transform knowledge management pages into scientific notations, and several inspector extensions. The tour shows not only how the environment can be used for expressing scientific notations, but also how one can debug a notation and how one can investigate the engine itself.

YOUTUBE f10NpsMmbis Hitchhiker #17: Using Glamorous Toolkit for Scientific Notation - Konrad Hinsen & Tudor Girba

HINSEN, Konrad, 2016. Scientific notations for the digital era. arxiv , github

> Computers have profoundly changed the way scientific research is done. Whereas the importance of computers as research tools is evident to everyone, the impact of the digital revolution on the representation of scientific knowledge is not yet widely recognized. An ever increasing part of today’s scientific knowledge is expressed, published, and archived exclusively in the form of software and electronic datasets. In this essay, I compare these digital scientific notations to the the traditional scientific notations that have been used for centuries, showing how the digital notations optimized for computerized processing are often an obstacle to scientific communication and to creative work by human scientists. I analyze the causes and propose guidelines for the design of more human-friendly digital scientific notations.

This book contains various Leibniz contexts, both as examples for studying and as foundations to build on.


gives a talk in the colloquium Journeys in Platonia: Celebrating 50 Years Since The End...

Leibniz and Wiki