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Oscar Nierstraszdiscord […] each snippet is stored in the JSON file for the page that contains it. I am guessing an extension would be needed to refer to a "remote" snippet.


Oscar Nierstrasz — heute um 11:35 Uhr Well, @Ralf Barkow , a snippet does actually have aUID and you can retrieve it from the database, so I guess in principle it would be possible to have remote snippets. I'm just not sure how complicated that would be.


NIERSTRASZ, Oscar, 2023. PEGs, Packrats and Parser Combinators. [Accessed 28 April 2023]. page . This was a guest lecture held on Thursday April 6 for the Masters course on Compiler Construction offered by Timo Kehrer at the University of Bern.The lecture provides an introduction to Parsing Expression Grammars, as a well as a live demo using the PetitParser framework to build an interpreter for a toy programming language.