The Fundamental Process

1. At each step, the process begins with a perception of the Whole. At every step (whether it is conceiving, designing, making, maintaining or repairing) we start by looking at and thinking about the whole of that part of the world where we are working. We look at this whole, absorb it, try to feel its deep structure.

DOT FROM two-level-diagram

2. Within the whole, we consider the latent Centers which might be worked on next. These latent centers, are dimly, partially visible, large, medium, and small. 3. We choose that one of these latent centers which, if established or strengthened next, will do the most to give the whole an increase of life. We work to intensify that living center, intensifying it in a way which, we judge, does the most good to the whole. 4. At the same time that we try to enhance the living quality of this chosen center, we also try to make it intensify the life of some larger center that it belongs to. 5. Simultaneously, we also make or strengthen at least one center of the same size as the center we are working on, and make it positive, next to the center we are currently concentrating on. 6. Simultaneously, we also start to see, and make, and strengthen smaller centers within the one we are working on-increasing their life, too. 7. Once the whole has been modified by this operation, we start again.


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