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We'd like to locate conversations based on information extracted into indexes of various kinds. [⇒ Conversation as Search]

Strings collect and store Structure that might be information. [⇒ Rearrangement of Structure]

Here we setup a test case and then try automating it with an html script.

# Challenge

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Keyword Index. See Typescript 2023-09-10

Here we see in a KWIC Index mention of an attractor.

10:56:46 you're building an [attractor](/view/10:56:46) to get them

Text extraction. See Typescript Archive

Now how can we find the surrounding conversation?

10:55:49 From Jeff Miller okay here's one "Treasure Island" as a poster https://cdn.thearthunters.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/0815-800x1155.jpg "With every step, you're building an attractor to get them to the next step. You want to get people from the problem to the solution, via drawing them in with a story and art."

# Solution

Maybe we somehow invoke a Script with the index timestamp and use that to find the desired text as we have in the example above.


elm-pages Scripts could be a possible approach. page

Or elm-concurrent-task, which is heavily inspired by elm-pages' BackendTask and intended to be a standalone implementation that can be dropped into any Elm app.


> With BackendTask.Custom, you send and receive JSON to JavaScript running in NodeJS. As with any BackendTask, Custom BackendTask's are either run at build-time (for pre-rendered routes) or at request-time (for server-rendered routes). See BackendTask for more about the lifecycle of BackendTask's. page , page

ward.dojo.fed.wiki jeff.dojo.fed.wiki wiki.ralfbarkow.ch

Target handles hovers over items and actions. (wiki-client) code

This new perspective has evolved into Constraint-Based Reasoning. Eliminate what is NOT to Arrive at What Is Possible. Rather than considering a solution, consider all solutions by omitting the non-solutions.

Ward via matrix has posted some usability improvements to Typescript Indexes. The keywords are now brightly colored links. Hover will show the time of posting so the chat sequence can be found in the formatted log.

The pernicious NOT of logic allows storage of contradictory information. Structure is converted into information via accumulation, via the construction and retention of more structure.

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