[…] a female cricket really *does* live in a world that contains only crickets of her species. She doesn’t actively *ignore* other sounds; to her, they don’t exist. E41: The Offloaded Brain, part 1: Behavior podcast

The Estonian biologist Jakob von Uexküll coined the word “Umwelt” for that kind of thing: to emphasize that different organisms live in radically different perceptual worlds – as do you yourself. Yong’s book is an exploration of the umwelts of various species. podcast (14:30)


Ed Yong, An Immense World: How Animal Senses Reveal the Hidden Realms Around Us, 2022

The distinction system/environment is the Starting Point for Luhmann’s systems theory. No system is independent of its environment, since a system is constituted drawing a Boundary through its operations and thereby differentiating itself from what does not belong to it, i.e., its environment. No system can operate outside of its boundaries [→Operation/Observation]. Without an environment to distinguish it from, no system could be determined. A system is an autonomous domain in which particular conditions apply that escape one-to-one correspondence with the states in the environment [→Autopoiesis].