Wiki School

We take up residency at university in order to become a more complete person and to acquire appreciation for the complexities of the modern world. We live in the most modest accommodations because the intellectual life of campus is our new home.

Start by writing a page in a file and opening it with the browser. This can use script and even import libraries from a CDN. But as you write more, you will create modules that can be imported into your emerging application.

We simulate a micro economy where tom, dick and harry are makers and users of stuff in a producer-consumer relationship. github

kohonen-stars github is an example for our library kohonen github , a basic implementation of SOM algorithm in JavaScript.

Entry of very simple program via the Altair 8800 front panel to demonstrate single-stepping and running a program, and what can be learned from the address lights while a program runs. site

Computers once had operator panels that provided an intimate overview of the machine's internal state at any given moment. The blinking lights would communicate the personality of each piece of software. Since our minds are great at spotting patterns, developers would intuitively understand based on which way the LEDs were flashing, if a program was sorting data, collating, caught in an infinite loop, etc. This is an aspect of the computing experience that modern machines haven't done a good job at recreating, until now.

Here we aspire to do work as well as talk about doing work. To this end we add code and data to our environment. Now we consider how code and data can situate the work we do in the larger context of other's work and the natural and political environments that limits all activity.