Edge Work

When I think about my Day, I keep in mind what I call my Edge Work.

Edge Work is the stuff that is important but makes me uncomfortable.

The stuff that requires me to Lean into Fear.

I manage my day with a Trello board. I prioritize my Cards. And I listen to my feelings. Some of those tasks trigger feelings. Feelings that make small knots in my heart and stomach.

I move those tasks to the top of my daily list. I need to do them first. To walk into them and pull back the Shadow Curtain.

As an introvert, these tasks often involve something that I must do with someone I don't know well. Or doing something that I don't feel confident in.

These tasks are my Edge Work that expands my world and capabilities. By focusing on them first I don't waste energy running from them during the rest of the day.

A find myself more able to be Quick with Joy.