Journal, May 2022

How to wrap a web REST API. post

Ward via matrix I hoped I could see the Checks pattern language in a new way if I carefully drew selected relations from an omniscient perspective. A pattern often sites antecedent patterns as it begins and subsequent patterns as it concludes. I simplified by drawing arrows only once, always pointing forward, and diminishing the inbound references when they showed.

function merge(comp,incr,source) {

Christopher Reay has demonstrated that wiki page json can be reasonably stored as files in a git repo without unreasonable growth as version compound.

We build a graph from travel connections. Click a. button to travel. Click again to go faster.

We were getting our head around the CHECKS pattern language. Used a LINEUP diagram to generate some DOT. Then edited it slightly in Edotor where we tried many different layouts. None quite captured what we were feeling while browsing. So we turned to a variation of Thompson's Preview Next Diagram.

I have some feedback to share. I find Fed Wiki depressing. I'm using Wikis since 1996. My first wiki was your Perl wiki that I installed in the Mercedes-Benz intranet. We even met and talked in person at one of the EclipseCons. And I had a page at (from memory) but it doesn't exist any more.

Around 5 o'clock, birds began to chirp.

Ward ran a cypher query end-to-end in pure javascript to retrieve the project management and reporting structure from the Mock Graph Data that started this quest maybe three months ago. In memory run time for his query was 100 nanoseconds. Details in this comment. github , matrix

Bill Seitz @marcpierson: you might want to look up Jonathan Moore, deals with neighborhoods, tech, Incarceration. Just heard his talk at Chicago CTO Summit. via matrix

DOT strict digraph rankdir=LR node [style=filled fillcolor=lightyellow penwidth=3 color=black fontname="Helvetica"] HERE NODE node [style=filled fillcolor=lightblue] WHERE /^⇒/ LINKS HERE -> NODE node [style=filled fillcolor=white] HERE NODE WHERE /^⇒/ LINKS HERE -> NODE node [style=filled fillcolor=white penwidth=3 color=black] LINKS HERE -> NODE node [style=filled fillcolor=white penwidth=1 color=black] HERE NODE LINKS HERE -> NODE node [style="filled,rounded,dotted" fillcolor=white] edge [style=dotted] HERE NODE BACKLINKS NODE -> HERE