A Transporter is a web service that provides services to the Federation. Using the Transporter Plugin you can call these services simply by dragging and drooping a URL from an external site, or another Fedwiki site, in order to import of perform some other manipulation of the sites content.

Technically transporters are RESTful web service written in any programming language that make their services available to the federation through the application of CORS headers.

# Current Features

This About Transport Plugin provides interactive access to remote services that can read content you drop and create from it useful pages that appear ready to be saved or used at one's discretion. github

Features include: * POST to a URL specified

# Future

Here we describe the present state and future directions of the Transporter concept.

We suggest that transporters are able to advertise a regular expression or list of regular expressions which match dropped url's - indicating that they are able to respond to a Transporter Drop.

You need to be an admin use to be able to install plugins using the About Plugmatic Plugin - see Wiki Admin and Config Notes.

The REST Plugin should expose the limited ability to access the page that the plugin sits on using standard REST HTTP calls for both read and write.