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The music seems to quote ⇒ Terminator.

The science fiction series "The Peripheral" post by Marcus Hammerschmitt


Westworld is a science fiction television series that takes place in a Wild West-themed amusement park [⇒ Theme Park] called Westworld. The park is populated by highly advanced artificial beings, or "hosts," who interact with human guests. The hosts, programmed to serve and satisfy the guests, live out their predetermined narratives and experiences in the park. The series follows multiple storylines, including the evolving consciousness and rebellion of the hosts as they start to question their reality, the motivations and machinations of the park's creators, and the guests' experiences in the park. As the lines between the real and the simulated begin to blur, the series explores themes of artificial intelligence, consciousness, free will, and the morality of creating and controlling artificial life.


# Sequencing Decisions

> […] predict the timing and sequence of theme park visitors’ activity choice behavior. The model is estimated on the basis of observations of consumer choices in various hypothetical theme parks. These parks are constructed by varying the absence and presence of existing and new activities within a theme park as well as their attributes: waiting time, activity duration, and location.


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