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The representation of molecular graphs "objectified" in 4D Geometric Neural Networks project on 2D Topic Maps (DMX).

3.7.12 Reflections


"bauhaus spirit" "Tiny100"

I am trying to understand the Ward-Thompson-Ralf matrix.

Mark Zuckerberg Announces All Of Facebook’s Future Decisions Will Be Made By The Cube Of Justice. onion

Capitalism has undoubtedly been a historical advance, but unfortunately it has a fundamental weakness: it not only generates growth, but it must also grow in order to be stable. Without constant expansion, capitalism collapses. In a finite world, however, you cannot grow infinitely. And yet the industrialized countries act as if they could consume several planets. As is well known, however, there is only one earth.

For the past year and a half, master carpenter Ingo Benz has been intensively involved in the construction of Tiny Houses – small, mobile and at the same time comprehensively equipped and furnished wooden houses. Benz is convinced: Tiny houses can offer farmers and winegrowers in particular an interesting additional source of income. We visited Benz in his Tiny House exhibition in Kandern.

HERRMANN, Ulrike, 2022. Das Ende des Kapitalismus: warum Wachstum und Klimaschutz nicht vereinbar sind - und wie wir in Zukunft leben werden. Köln: Kiepenheuer & Witsch. ISBN 978-3-462-00255-3.

# Documents Become Rooms

Our work here is driven by three authors writing in the style pioneered by Thompson Morrison.

"The amount of code we will have to write is very small — which is exactly the point of not writing code right away." (VALLOUD, Andrés, 2011. A Mentoring Course on #Smalltalk). tweet

The server to be virtualized after 28 years of service. site

How to Install Pharo? nixos

WIRFS-BROCK, Allen and EICH, Brendan, 2020. JavaScript: the first 20 years. Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages. Online. 12 June 2020. Vol. 4, no. HOPL, p. 77:1-77:189. [Accessed 27 November 2022]. DOI 10.1145/3386327.

Greg Bryant: "Here's an attempt to explain 'unfolding sequences', and include computer people in the audience. Unfolding sequences are natural, pervasive, and extremely powerful. But we don't notice them or use them enough." tweet , page , site