Journal, Sep 2023

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The PARA Method: A Universal System for Organizing Digital Information, 2017. Praxis. [Accessed 17 February 2020]. page Imagine for a moment the perfect organizational system. One that supported and enhanced the work you do, telling you exactly where to put a piece of information, and exactly where to find it when y…

Render Story: The renderStory function takes a Story as input and generates an HTML element based on the type of the story. Depending on whether the story is a Paragraph, Future, Factory, or EmptyStory, it will create different HTML elements to represent the story item. Additionally, it provides informational messages in case of unknown story item types.

Parse Wiki-Style Links and Render Them as Anchors

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BranchingStory TellingPlexus: an interactive story telling system based on the small-world networks model, [no date]. Online. [Accessed 21 September 2023]. Available from:

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Expect: A library to create Expectations, which describe a claim to be tested. package