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live → "**mold**" ~/mdp/0b → explorable domain model

Location (within address)

label 🏷️ ⇐ Tag See: Soup

* See: distinguish (((within Trifference) within Shell-Bracket Notation) within Substituon)

Loop ⇒ shortest self-referential Loop (within interrupt, The Problem Is “I,” )

locate conversations based on Information extracted into Indexes of various kinds. [⇒ Conversation as Search (within Typescript Locator)] ⇒ index

- (within Programming): […] limiting Decision-Making when knowledge requirements exceed that immediately available. ⇒ **Limitationalität** ⇒ LimitationalityStructure (Struktur)

Learning Journey (within Disgust and Envy) See: Eric Evans is not surprised to see some form of “Separation of Concerns” pop up in a new situation. post , Task Location

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