Journal, Jan 2023

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Addressability ⇒ Adressabilität als Grundbegriff der soziologischen Systemtheorie

Creating a wiki farm and pointing to it with a wildcard in an "A" DNS record allows anyone on the web to create a wiki and start adding content. ⇒ My burning question about wiki farms

This new wiki can handle data and perform calculations. (Say, for totaling up costs, or sustainability scores.) You can also use it to put together your own simple calculator (or even a complex one). That allows it to make quick but powerful comparisons – say, on costs, or on sustainability "externalities" (hidden costs and benefits).

PerspectiveViewpointA Different View of LearningshareWiki as Pattern Language: tools to facilitate efficient sharing and modifying of Patterns. ⇒ Structure SharingRoom Dialect

Scientific Software DevelopmentExclusion of the Active Agent, Diane Kelly, „Scientific Software Development Viewed as Knowledge Acquisition“.

Sympoetic Home Page, Pille Bunnell’s site