Journal, Feb 2023

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⇒ Automation as Team Player: DeepL API docs and DITA-OT Translate Plug-in in the context of the "Internationalisation (i18n) #139" issue Internationalization

⇒ The reading "Ich, ein Kind der kleinen Mehrheit" (I, a Child of the small majority) will be broadcast live by Likewise, the bookstore Labyrinth will be on site with a book table.

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Education in the Medium of Intelligence (Erziehung im Medium der Intelligenz) ⇒ Binary CodingProgrammingAltair 8800Blinkenlights

Why Learn CodelearnCodeCode of LanguageMorse CodeBook on Learning Morse CodeCopying behind the SenderInu-Oh: langsam schneller werden, slowly speed up and travel into the past

Our ⇒ Editor also needs to be usable by vision-impaired folks who use screen readers.