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Slot (within Meta)

shortest self-referential Loop (within interrupt, The Problem Is “I,” )

- Systems Theory 1.0 - Systems Theory 2.0 - **Smalltalk** is an object system, rather than a Language. See: Smalltalk Is the Car

Substitution See: Multiplication-as-substitution (within Container Types)

> Substitution is a ternary operation, involving three Patterns that we have differentiated by their sequential position in the Shell-Bracket Notation. [See within, involving 3 variables of type Title.]

> In a memory game players need to find pairs of similar Cards. In each round a player turns over two cards at a time. If the two cards show the same symbol they are removed [⇒ How to Delete Structure] and the player gets a point. If not, they are both flipped. [⇒ Flip Operation]

Some useful Starting Points:

Solo Super Collaborator mold.dreyeck.ch ward.dojo.fed.wik

Solution Space versus how much time you spend in the Problem Space (within Technical Debt)

Simple View See: the Goal/Question/Metric (GQM) approach for designing software metrics, Measurement

Searching string data for an arbitrary substring match … (within page matrix ) See: Pile Systems, Trigram Wildcard String Search

signify (within import)

separate the System from the user interface. See: Model First

Wrangling Untrusted File Formats Safely github (within Secure Automata)

Step, Zettel: 2000 See: Step as Distinction

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